Renovating the (functional) kitchen of your dreams…

Renovating the (functional) kitchen of your dreams…

Are you ready to renovate the kitchen of your dreams? There is a current debate – is the open-concept of a home going out of style or is it here to stay? As an interior designer, the answer is simple – what works for you? Yes, it’s fun to follow along with the interior decorating trends but when it comes to a home renovation, the first question should always be that one. What works for you?

The kitchen of your dreams is a box that must be ticked, but the first step is to consider how your home is going to work for you and what works best within the available space. 

Where do you begin? The layout. Enhance the functionality of your kitchen by choosing the right layout for your space. There are a few simple guidelines you can follow to help you envision the kitchen of your dreams while keeping function in the forefront. 

Get some inspiration from 3 of the most popular kitchen layouts. 

The L-shaped Kitchen Layout 

This one works well in smaller, open-concept spaces. This layout includes two adjoining walls, upper and lower cabinets. One end of the ‘L’ can host the appliances while the other has provides the majority of the counter space. Or the counter space can be anchored by an appliance on either end. L-shaped kitchens create the opportunity to add a casual eat-in dining space.

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Lincoln Tower

Central Island Layout

A layout that works well with large, open-concept spaces. The central island provides more prep space, more room to add casual seating as well as more storage space. The central island layout is a great opportunity to create a show stopping island. Dramatic counter tops, extra pops of color, contrasting materials can turn a large island into a focal point.

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Issaquah Modern Family

The U-shaped Layout

The U-shaped kitchen is a very common layout. Featuring built-in cabinetry, countertops an appliances on 3 sides. This layout works great in small and large spaces. The larger U-shaped kitchen is usually anchored by an island with seating or a casual dining table.

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Cascade Mountain Home


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