Relaxed and Refreshed in the Bedroom

Relaxed and Refreshed in the Bedroom

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The days are getting darker and temps are getting cooler – it’s the perfect time of year to hunker down and switch off. Nothing sounds better at the end of the day than curling up under the covers and staying cozy, and in the morning, staying in bed for just a few more snooze alarms. It’s so easy to get stuck into this routine and before we know it, we are tired and drowsy all day.

We have heard of the many ways we can help prevent this unhealthy routine – shut down all things technology, stretch it out, drink more water, meditate, etc. I agree with these positive steps to encourage a more healthy start and end of the day, but let’s take a moment to talk about the changes we can make in our homes to motivate more relaxing and refreshing atmosphere through our surroundings.

Lighting —

A necessity, of course. But lighting is so much more – it has a powerful effect on our emotional and mental health. Whether it be natural or man made, lighting can add a much needed boost of energy. We know a lot about this in our grey and rainy climate. It is known that warmer lighting is better for rest and relaxation, whereas brighter and cooler light can help you feel more alert. How do we achieve both in one room? An easy option is choosing the right bulb. Philips offers a unique bulb that works great with a dimmer switch – It is designed to change ‘color temperature’ from a standard soft white to a warmer, more amber-toned light.Philips Led Bulbs 457069 E1 1000

Informative infographic from Home Depot

Colors —

Color is a powerful element in a home. Vibrant hues can spark creativity, energy and productivity but the bedroom is not the ideal place to use them. The bedroom is a retreat, a space for more a more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Choose more calming and natural tones – like subtle blues, soothing greens and soft grays. Having said that, it’s ultimately most important to go with what makes you feel good and what fits your personality.  If you need bright vibrant colors to get you going in the morning then go with that. Just use dimmers to control the mood in the evening.  

Screen Shot 2018 10 23 At 9.13.28 Am

The Psychology of Color article from Benjamin Moore has some very insightful information on color and emotions.

Scent —

Candles are always a great go-to when it comes to setting the mood. You can choose the right scents to help promote relaxation. So many people are turning to essential oils and they can be more than drops or misters. There are an array of beautiful diffusers that can add an extra touch of decor. And if you’re looking for the right scent to help you feel relaxed and refreshed, here are a few –

Lavender – Calming properties to help control stress and 

Jasmine – Like lavender, it is calming gives a boost of energy

Citrus – Once again, calming qualities with a little confidence boost

Screen Shot 2018 10 24 At 2.33.20 Pm

Allure shared an article, “11 of the Best Essential Oil Diffusers to Make Your Home Smell Amazing“, it’s so worth the read! I love this one from Homedics! Not only does it diffuse your favorite scent, but it has a built in library of soothing and uplifting sounds. | Macy’s 

Decor —

Light weight drapery will keep the room from feeling too dark, especially when that natural light comes pouring in the window when you wake up. Go with soft, more subtle, fabrics and textures. Bold and bright prints can keep the eyes stimulated. If you like to wake up slowly and need all light blocked out, you can still use a light color or patterned fabric, just add a room darkening liner behind it. Keep surfaces and the floor free from clutter – don’t remove all the family pictures and mementoes, but do keep table top decor to a minimum. Adding decorative storage pieces can solve this in a flash.

Screen Shot 2018 10 24 At 2.19.39 Pm

A combination of window treatment styles is a great way to control how much natural light comes in. I love how Rachel Laxer achieved this look so beautifully with the a combination of sheers and a light weight shade. | Luxe Magazine | Photography: Emilio Collavino

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