Holiday Table Setting and Festive Gift Wrapping

Holiday Table Setting and Festive Gift Wrapping

Christmas is just days away! Is your meal planned, presents wrapped and table decor ready to be set? 

Though this Christmas may not include a home filled with friends and family or invitations to holiday parties, it doesn’t mean you have to skip the joy of a beautifully set table! If you’re still looking for ideas or inspiration – here are some of 2020’s top table trends.

Traditional was in the spotlight this year – like green and red plaid/tartan – does it ever really go out of style? I also loved the whimsical prints combined with earthy tones for a festive and outdoorsy feel.

Tartan Dinnerware Collection O
Williams Sonoma Home

Are you a last minute gift wrapper? Are you a mix and matcher or one palette and pattern theme? Displaying gifts under the tree can be the finishing touch of festive decor – by choosing gift wrap that matches the color of your space, it will create a seamless look that accents you existing decor. For a pop of contrast, add color and pattern that catch the eye (tip: to keep it from clashing, try to compliment the hues of your holiday decor.)

There were a few ideas on stylish gift wrapping making a scene – these are a few of my favorites.

Chic wrapping finished off with a touch of the outdoors – like faux moss or a sprig of wheat.

Studio McGee creates a seamless look with colors and patterns that go with the overall look and style of the space.

May your spirits be bright as you prepare for your Christmas meal and gift giving.



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