Goals and plans for the New Year 2023

Goals and plans for the New Year 2023

New Year, new goals, plans and inspiration! I always start out my new year reflecting on the last year, setting intentions and goals for the year ahead. I also choose a word of the year, to focus my main intentions and growth I want to see for the year. I spend time journaling and praying, asking the Lord for guidance in how He would use me this year and a word to focus on for growth.

This year, my word of the Year is STRONG. For me, that means strong mind, body, faith, relationships and business. From there, I break down a point or two for each category and then try and track it weekly and monthly to see the results. I’m not always perfect at it, and I give myself a lot of grace. Days and weeks get busy, or challenges show up. It’s a guideline to follow.

How about you? Do you set goals in the new year? I have a few go to resources for planning and keeping my tasks organized both for my personal life and most definitely running my interior design business. Check out my go to resources!

Setting Tasks

My go to for task and to-do notebooks – Ink + Volt


Ramsey is my go-to company for daily planner. I find it to be extremely inspiring and helps setting goals so easy.

Digital Planning

My digital task management is a breeze with the Asana app! If you’re looking for a way to create a seamless process for digital planning, I highly suggest Asana! The integrations are my favorite part – from Gmail and Google Drive to Slack and Google Calendar.

setting goals and planning with the asana app

Are you ready for some goal setting this year? Happy Planning!

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