Go Local With Your Four Legged Friends

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Hi All!

For my local pet lovers, if you’re looking for some outdoor fun with your sweet pup, I’ve got just the itinerary for you! From sundaes on a Tuesday, to some pet-friendly shopping and a grand park date!


The Seattle Barkery is offering healthy ice cream sundaes on July 3rd, 2pm-5pm, at their Madison Park location. No better way to welcome the 4th of July than with a cool treat. Oh, did I mention they are free!? 

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Photo by Mikkel Bendix from Pexels


Follow up your dessert before dinner treat with some shopping at a few shops. A couple of my favorites, Mud Bay and East Side Dog.

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End your furry fun day with a run through the park! Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Park, or “Doggy Disneyland” as it is known by the locals, is the place to be! Visit with your pet-friendly neighbors while your pups run wild! And for the hottest parks in Seattle, check out Curbed’s 10 Best Dog Parks.

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