Self-Care Series: 5 mindful ways to stay healthy at home

It’s been weeks and weeks of quarantine life and self-care couldn’t be needed more than now. With all of this extra time, it’s easy to use it on the kids, work, deep cleaning the refrigerator, and… stress. I’d like to get straight to the point and offer 5 mindful ways on how you can take the time to take care of yourself.

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Making the Best of Social Distancing

What a unique and unpredictable time we are living in! First, I wish you and your loved ones health and safety. Second, I’d like to offer a little inspiration and chat about making the most of social distancing.

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Kitchen Cabinet Color Inspiration- When you’re ready to go beyond white

Let’s face it, White is classic. You can’t go wrong (for the most part) with white. Safe is another word you hear in regards to the color white. White cabinets are classic and will always look amazing! However, if you’re ready to go beyond white cabinets and you’d like to add a touch of the unexpected with colored cabinets, but you don’t know where to start – read on!
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Holiday Prep-Unique Gift Guide and Wrap

Hi all!

And so the planning continues! Tis the season for giving and today that’s exactly what we are talking about. Gift Wrapping and Guiding. Does anyone else agree that the wrapping can sometimes be the favorite part of gifting? After all, it does make the first impression. Here’s a tip and some inspiring sources to get you going-

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Holiday Planning-To thrive, not just survive

Hello all,

It’s October and the holidays are fast approaching! As a working mom I know how hard it can be to balance everyday life…and then layer on top all the “to-do” lists of the holidays! It can be overwhelming for sure! And then we find ourselves in survival mode instead of enjoying the holidays. I speak from experience for sure! So I have learned to plan and schedule out all the tasks and add them to my calendar starting in October. It’s never too early to plan and prep to take the stress out…well, July would be a bit early! Here are my top 4 tips to get organized and start planning to thrive during the holidays, not just survive.

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Self-Care Series-10 ways to focus on you

Hi All,

We are back to our self-care series this month. This one is going to be short and sweet, because sometimes it really is just that easy! Here are 10 tips on how you can start taking care of yourself right now. 

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How to Fall for your patio

Happy Fall! Can anyone out there agree with me that Fall is a most wonderful time of year? The chill seems to make everyone a little more cheerful. The temps are cooling down, throws are always a good idea, pumpkin spice everything, and orange is everyone’s favorite color. The trends are changing with the season, so it’s a great time to make some changes around the house – or in front.

Last week we spoke about how to create a warm welcome for the busy woman, today we’re talking about creating a warm Fall welcome on your front porch. Here is some insight on the season’s trends and some ideas on how to bring them home. If you’re not into following trends, you really can’t beat traditional seasonal decor that simple never goes out of style. Let’s get straight to it!   Read More


Color Crush: Metropolitan

We all know about the Pantone Color of the Year, but did you know about the other color’s of the year? Benjamin Moore announced theirs earlier this year and it is right up my alley!

Calm, composed and effortlessly sophisticated, Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2019, Metropolitan AF-690, exudes glamour, beauty and balance.

“Metropolitan AF-690 emanates nuance, harmony and extravagant ease. Always adaptable, it softens to matte or shimmers with sheen. It’s neutral. It’s understated. It just is. This is color, off-duty.”

—Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore & Co.

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How to Series-Create an office you love

Hi All,

The office is a space so many of us spend a lot of our time in. In fact, many people spend more hours in their office than they do at home. Quite a sobering stat, if you ask me. With all of this time away from home and the great outdoors, I think it is so important that we take the time to beautify our office and create a space that promotes productivity. Another fun fact, the more inspiring our work spaces are, the more productive we are. So, let’s kick this work week off with some ideas on how you can create an office that gets you inspired to be in and motivated to tackle that endless to-do list.

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How to Series-Using Mirror, Marble and Glass in a Backsplash

Hi All,

Today I’d like to share some insight on adding eye-catching personality to a wall with mirror and glass tile. From backsplashes to accent walls, mirror and glass tile can be incorporated into so many spaces to add a unique and stylish look. Not to mention one of a kind!

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