Alexa Hampton-Seattle

Alexa Hampton-Seattle

Hi Everyone,

I’m writing this post on a snowy Seattle Sunday morning.  Which is rare around here, and fairly mild compared to what the rest of the country has been going through this winter.

I recently had the great honor of meeting one of my favorite mentors in the Interior Design Field, Alexa Hampton.   She is a New York city based designer who’s work is some of the best in the country. I have followed her work for many years, so it was very exciting to meet her and hear her speak about her  design philosophies and her passion for interior design.

alexa kravet

Image-Kravet fabric

Here are a couple of photos showing her fabric and furnishings line with Kravet.  I’m Excited to use some of them for an upcoming project!

alexa-kravet 2_opt

Image-Kravet Fabric

Check out her full line with Kravet for yourself.

Alexa is great inspiration to me with her ability to mix texture, pattern and color and create some amazingly beautiful interiors.

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