5 Ways to Make a Small Space More Spacious

5 Ways to Make a Small Space More Spacious

Do you have that one space in your home that seems to be closing in on you? I certainly do! And over the many years of working as an interior designer, I have worked with many clients who can relate to that one small space. 

After many weeks of quarantine and living in close quarters to the rest of the household, those spaces are feeling smaller and smaller! Don’t give up – there are a number of simple tricks you can do that will make even the smallest spaces instantly feel more spacious.

Reflect the light.

Mirrors reflect light – natural or not – giving the look of a more open space. For the best result – hang mirrors on a wall opposite windows or other sources of light to  maximize the effect. And of course, this is a great opportunity to add some new decor!

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Give it height.

Make your windows appear larger and your ceilings look taller by mounting curtain rods closer to the ceiling or slightly past the width of your window. This trick will also allow for more natural light to come into the room.

Make it multifunctional.

If you’re on the hunt for new furniture, try find pieces that serve dual purpose, like a coffee table with tucked-away seating. Or an ottoman large enough to hold a tray, to go from casual and relaxing to formal and entertaining.

Lighten it up.

If you’re ready for a fresh coat of paint, go for light and bright colors. These tones will reflect light and instantly make a room appear larger. Consider painting the walls, trim and ceiling the same or very similar shades of white.

Space it out.

Move furniture away from the walls and bring them out into the floor. It’s a natural thought that rooms appear to have more space if the furniture pushed towards the wall, but it’s actually not true. Pushing furniture against the wall makes everything appear and feel cramped. Even just a few inches between walls and furniture can give the illusion of spaciousness. 

I hope you can take a tip or two away to add a little more room to relax!

Kindly ~ Michelle

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