Wallcovering – How to choose the perfect one for your space

Wallcovering – How to choose the perfect one for your space

Adding wallcovering is a wonderful way to inject personality, color, and texture into a room. However, with an overwhelming array of options available, selecting the right print and color can be daunting. Here’s our handy guide to help you choose the perfect wallcovering to transform your space.

A bedroom designed by Studio McGee with a subtle ombre water color wallcovering
Wallcovering Inspiration: Studio Mcgee

First and foremost: Consider your space

Before diving into patterns and colors, it’s essential to understand the room you’re working with. Consider the following:

  1. Ceiling Height: Vertical stripes can make ceilings appear higher, while horizontal patterns can make a room feel wider.
  2. Natural Light: Darker wallcovering can make a room feel cozy but may not be ideal for spaces that lack natural light. Lighter colors can brighten up a dim room.
  3. Room Size: Small rooms can be overwhelmed by large, bold prints, while larger rooms can feel more intimate with larger patterns.
A small print wallcovering in a powder blue color in our Redmond dining room
A small, subtle print kept this dining room feeling bright and spacious. Photography: Wynne H Earle Photography

5 Things to consider when it come to pattern choice:

The pattern is the heart of wallcovering design. Here are some popular options and their effects:

  1. Geometric Patterns: These add a contemporary vibe and can make a space feel more structured. Consider the scale of the pattern based on the room size.
  2. Stripes: Versatile and classic. Vertical stripes can add height, while horizontal stripes can widen a room.
  3. Abstract Designs: These can add a modern, artistic feel. Great for feature walls or spaces where you want a focal point
  4. Textured Wallpapers: If you want to add depth without a busy pattern, textured wallcoverings like grasscloth or silk can add elegance and warmth.
  5. Florals and Botanicals: Perfect for adding a touch of nature and femininity. Small floral prints can be soothing and subtle, while large florals make a bold statement.
A powder blue, floral print wallcovering in our Redmond home powder bathroom.
A pretty floral wallcovering in our Bellevue Penthouse added the perfect amount of whimsy and contrast against the floating vanity’s dark wood stain. Photography: Wynne H Earle Photography

Color, of course:

Color impacts the mood and perception of a space. Here are some tips:

  1. Neutral Colors: These are timeless and versatile, working well in most settings. They can make a room feel calm and spacious.
  2. Bold Colors: Perfect for creating a statement. Use in moderation to avoid overwhelming the space.
  3. Complementary Colors: Choose colors that complement your existing decor to create a harmonious look.
  4. Contrasting Colors: For a dynamic and energetic feel, opt for colors that contrast with your furnishings. Another idea is creating an accent wall with your wallcovering and choose a color that contrasts with the wall paint.
Miranda Estes Photography Michelle Yorke Suncadia 12 1
We chose a beautiful Philip Jeffries wallcovering to create an accent wall in our Suncadia Mountain Retreat Primary Bedroom. Photographer: Miranda Estes Photography

Create a cohesive look:

To ensure your new wallcovering complements your space and creates a cohesive look, consider:

  1. Furniture and Upholstery: Your wallcovering should enhance rather than clash with your furniture. Pick a color or pattern that ties in with your existing pieces.
  2. Artwork and Accessories: If you have bold art pieces, opt for a subtle wallcovering that lets them shine. Conversely, a statement wallcovering can be the focal point if your decor is more understated.
  3. Flooring: Consider how your wallcovering will look with your floor. Dark wallcovering with dark floors can make a room feel smaller, while light wallcovering with light floors can create an airy feel.
  4. Fixtures and Finishes: From lighting to plumbing and cabinet hardware – accenting those colors and finishes creates a harmonious look.

Metallic, textured wallcovering in our Suncadia Mountain Retreat powder bathroom
We created a cohesive look in this Powder Bath with a color/style that is complementary to its surrounding fixtures and finishes – Suncadia Mountain Retreat. Photography: Miranda Estes Photography

Are you ready to transform your space and add personality, warmth a style? It might be time to consider selecting the perfect wallcovering!



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