Clyde Hill, WA Interior Design

This quaint suburb of Seattle offers gorgeous views of the Seattle skyline, Mt. Rainer, and Lake Washington. Enjoying a walk along green, tree-lined streets with a view of the Cascades and having the ability to commute to Seattle in minutes makes Clyde Hill the perfect place for those who crave the best of suburban living.

As a top Bellevue interior designer, Michelle Yorke has been fortunate to design some of the most luxurious spaces in the lush suburbs of Clyde Hill. Re-creating the small-town charm that anchors her clients to this beautiful city with her signature look of youthful style blended with a classic design.

Finding the perfect balance of aesthetic integrity with the needs/personality of each client is very important to Michelle Yorke. She believes beauty is created in combining function, style, and sentiment, personalizing each space until her client calls it home.


“On our most recent project, Michelle absolutely knocked it out of the park. She was able to take an already beautiful home and make it something the neighbors will wish they had done.”

—Ben Angie - Clyde Hill, WA

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