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Kitchen Design – Function and Beauty

Hi Everyone,

Kitchen design seems to be a hot topic of conversation lately. I’ve been approached several times recently about current trends for kitchen design and remodels, how to combine function and beauty for great kitchen design.

Here are a few of my favorite kitchen designs for clients with different styles and use of materials.

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Color of Spring

Hey all-

I don’t know about you, but I am over the top excited for spring this year. Color of Spring is everywhere!! Living in the Pacific Northwest I have endured the rainy winter months with great tolerance (I tried anyway). I have a boost of energy, love being outdoors, and can’t get enough of the spring color surrounding me.  Fashion, home decor, nature, you name it!! Color is everywhere and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

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Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a fabulous and blessed 2016!

I’m Thankful for all God blessed me with in 2015…..all  I accomplished, all I struggled through, and all I conquered!  And I’m very excited  to see what awaits in 2016!


Thanksgiving Table ideas

Hey All,

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  But it’s not too late to conquer your “How to set a table” fears.  Anything goes, Just ask one of my all time favorite entertaining mentors….Snoopy. That’s right, jelly beans and popcorn will do just fine if you find you have to improvise.

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Bellevue Fashion Week

Bellevue’s Fashion week is here.  Should be interesting…are you ready to see the latest fashions and designers?  Check out the link to see all the events and happenings for fashions week.



Houzz article: How to prioritize home projects

Hey All-

Check out this great article from on how to prioritize home projects.  It has some great tips and information that can be a huge help to getting you from overwhelmed to organized!

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Summer Madness

Hi All-

I’ve neglected my blog for quite some time now.  Summer madness I will call it, however, the madness  has trickled from fall, to winter, to spring and now yes, even summer.  No Excuses, yes I’ve been busy. Blessed I will call it with several great projects to keep my going strong.  I’m hoping to share a few photos soon.

So stay tuned for new content, photos, need to know, and design inspiration.

I hope you are taking time out to enjoy your summer!!



Houzz – article; working with Pros

Do you know about  If not, be sure to check it out.  Houzz is a collaborative platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community.Read More


Seattle Times: HomeWork Article

Hi Everyone,

Recently I had the privilege to write an article for The Seattle Times “HomeWork” section which was published on May 3, 2014.  It’s always a pleasure to share some advice and expertise from I’ve learned over the years as an interior designer. Read More


Tablescapes-Great event & Great Cause

Hi Everyone,

Last week I had the honor of attending  The Tablescapes 2014 “Top it off in Style” luncheon to benefit the Assistance League of the Eastside.  The décor was both beautiful and whimsical, the company delightful and the cause very worthy of supporting.Read More