Self Care Series: Creating a spa bathroom

The word SELF can easily be seen as selfish or self indulgent but caring for your “self” is one of the healthiest things you can do! Trust me, as a busy working mom running my household and my company can be way too much and overwhelming.  I speak from experience and learned the hard lessons of not caring for myself and making that a priority.

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Michelle’s Favorites – Holiday Gift Guide

Hi All!

If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, it’s time to get it wrapped up! If you’re in need of some gift ideas or a little shopping inspo, read on for my Holiday Gift Guide. From monogrammed totes, holiday scents and Christmas cleaning – my gift list is overflowing!

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5 Pet Friendly Interior Tips For Your Home

As a “dog mom” to a Golden Retriever I am a firm believer in a livable home.  Our home would not be the same without our beloved pup Koda, and if you are as devoted to your pets as we are, they are even included in your family photos. With this said, a home that withstands the loving wear and tear from clumsy paws and golden fur is a must! I like to base my designs around pet-friendly and durability without skimping on the luxe look. One of the top questions I ask new clients is, do they have pets and to find out how their pets are included in their home on a daily basis. Here are 5 pet friendly tips for your home. 

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