Design meets Fashion

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Interior designers are constantly drawing inspiration from all aspects of life and our surroundings – from architecture, global trends or even by a walk through our own city streets. Design inspiration is all around us and the sources are endless. One of the biggest sources being the fashion design world. Both interior design and fashion design tend to follow the same trends, prints, colors and texture from season to season. I thought it would be fun to share with you just how those worlds merge by drawing a little bit of inspiration from my very own portfolio.

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Making an Entrance with your Entry

Hi All!

‘Tis the season where we open our doors to holiday visitors. It could be our neighbors or guests from out of town, kids home from college or an entire family reunion. Whatever the occasion may be – a Christmas Eve party or a simple family brunch – our front door tends to welcome a lot more guests this time of year. There is nothing like a friendly face to greet a guest, but why not leave a lasting impression when inviting them in. Let’s talk about giving your entry an added touch of love to create that lasting impression. Your entry, after all, is the introduction to the rest of your home. Let me just add, “a touch of love” does not require a home remodel! Here are some fun ideas for inspiration on how to welcome up your welcome.

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Thankful Entertaining with Michelle

Hi All!

It’s almost Happy Thanksgiving time! First and foremost, let’s ask ourselves a question. Do we really need a day to remind ourselves to be thankful and grateful? For me, every day is a gift of which I am so thankful for… the only thing missing is pumpkin spice everything! This is, however, one of my most favorite holidays. It is a time for entertaining! I love creating an inviting (and stylish) space to bring friends and family together. It’s all about warmth, comfort and a pumpkin here and there. This is what I have my eye on this Thanksgiving…

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Halloween Entertaining and Decor Favorites

Halloween is just around the corner! Is your home frighteningly festive (I couldn’t help myself!)? The ideas and options are endless when it comes to decorating for the holidays. I have gathered a few favorites for the season – from macarons to ghost dogs. Enjoy!

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Fresh and Al Fresco: Tablescape Inspiration

Hi All!

Summer is just around the corner and I can’t wait for it to arrive! For me, Summer is not only about fun in the sun but also the enjoyment of entertaining. There is no better day spent than one in the sun with fresh and delicious food and surrounded by friends and family. With all this talk of Summer celebrations, I am feeling so inspired to create the most inviting tablescape. The table is the perfect place to let  your creativity shine and become the center of attention. What a perfect conversation starter!

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Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a fabulous and blessed 2016!

I’m Thankful for all God blessed me with in 2015…..all  I accomplished, all I struggled through, and all I conquered!  And I’m very excited  to see what awaits in 2016!


Ready For The New Year

Well the new year is here and if you’re like me as the Christmas decorations came down and were put away, your mind started brainstorming a list of ideas to organize and spruce up the rooms in your home. It can be overwhelming to try and tackle too many rooms at once. So, Here’s my best advice in how to get started.

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