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Trends of the Year: The Kitchen

What’s really trending?

In the design world it can sometimes be hard to keep up with the latest trends, it change from one magazine article to another and blog posts can be based on personal preference. Are darker hues really the way to go, or are we still loving white on white? Is Greenery still making waves? And are metallics hot or not? Well, with a little help from insider access to wonderful places like Highpoint Market, the opportunity to see and feel the newest fabric releases and some consistent predictions from our favorite design magazines, this designer is here to share the trend that are really trending. Today, we’re going to talk about what kitchens are looking like this year.Read More

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Fun Finds and Unique Gifts

Happy Holidays!

The season is off and running! If you’re like me, you have great intentions to be organized, shop early and even find a few creative and unusual gifts.  Here are a few fun finds I’m sharing with you… and the best news is you don’t even have to go near a mall!


link dog collar


Dog lovers have you seen this? Why not indulge in the latest technology for your four legged family members.  Or give a gift to family and friends.
available here





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MY top 5 White paint colors

Hi Everyone,

White is white right? simple, easy to choose, or we think it should be.  In reality, white can be one of the hardest colors to choose.  Especially when it comes to white paint. I’ve learned this through my years of design.  Today I’m sharing with you my Top 5 White paint colors.

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Construction to Completion: Top 5 Benefits to Working with an Interior Designer

Construction to completion. Your new home is under way, you have the land, the architect, the floor plans are being designed. So many details and selections to make. When is the best time to bring in an interior designer?  Right Away! And here’s why; my Top 5 Benefits to working with an interior designer from construction to completion.

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The Tech Friendly Home

Keeping up with Technology can seem like such a constant task these days. We purchase a phone or Teched Out House Infographictablet with the latest and greatest and the next thing we know we’re being told we have the old model.  On top of that there seems to now be an app for just about everything.  Hard to keep up? Definitely! But when I find an app that fits my needs or life, I love the features and what it can do for me.

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Kitchen Design – Function and Beauty

Hi Everyone,

Kitchen design seems to be a hot topic of conversation lately. I’ve been approached several times recently about current trends for kitchen design and remodels, how to combine function and beauty for great kitchen design.

Here are a few of my favorite kitchen designs for clients with different styles and use of materials.

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Houzz article: How to prioritize home projects

Hey All-

Check out this great article from on how to prioritize home projects.  It has some great tips and information that can be a huge help to getting you from overwhelmed to organized!

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Summer Madness

Hi All-

I’ve neglected my blog for quite some time now.  Summer madness I will call it, however, the madness  has trickled from fall, to winter, to spring and now yes, even summer.  No Excuses, yes I’ve been busy. Blessed I will call it with several great projects to keep my going strong.  I’m hoping to share a few photos soon.

So stay tuned for new content, photos, need to know, and design inspiration.

I hope you are taking time out to enjoy your summer!!



Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the launch of my new website and design blog. I’m so excited to share life with you through the eyes of a complete color enthusiast and lover of all things design! I hope you’ll follow along!

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