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The Well Balanced Home: Family-Friendly, Functional Luxury

As a mom to two teens, a “tween” and a golden retriever, I know just how important it is that your home be comfortable, functional and durable for the way you really live. I believe in designing family friendly interiors by using suitable fabrics and furnishings that stand up to daily life without sacrificing style or beauty.

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Grousemont Estates: Before & After

Hi All,

Looking back at the before & after images of past projects bring back happy memories of times spent with wonderful clients and the honor of bringing their home to life. Not to mention the boost of inspiration! The Grousemont Estates project was a favorite and the clients were such a pleasure to work with. Located in the beautiful hillside of Redmond Washington. They were looking for elegant yet extremely comfortable and inviting. A family that loves to entertain and host family get-togethers, our goal was to give the home a classic, timeless look that oozes style and sophistication but also keeps it functional for everyday use. Here, we’re letting the before & after tell the story…

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Highpoint Market Highlights

Hi All,

I just returned from Spring Market in Highpoint, North Carolina.  It was an amazing trip and I’d love to share with you all (or y’all as they say in the South) my highlights and what’s new and next in the home furnishings industry.Read More


Go Local – Bellevue Shops and Stops

Hi All –

Happy Spring! It’s been a wet one, but then that is what helps make the Pacific Northwest so Green and beautiful!  The glimpses and days of sun in between the rain bring us all outdoors and I for one and am getting out and about living life and loving local!  The Eastside and Seattle are known for diverse shopping options, from luxury to boutiques and one of a kind shops, it’s a shopper’s delight! I am a firm believer in shopping local and supporting small businesses, so I like to “stay home” as much as I am able to. So here are a few Bellevue local favorites and new places to stop by and check out.  Read More


Performance Fabric in Shades of White and Cream

Let’s talk about fabric – whites and creams to be specific. These are two colors, when used on upholstery, that are often reserved for the rarely occupied formal living room or the dining room that hosts guests for Christmas and Thanksgiving only. They are colors, especially when used together, that give the air of luxury and elegance to a room. Both colors can go casual or formal but still, they are not used quite often as I think they should and so I’m here to share a little secret that will help you be bold enough to branch out and incorporate these fair shades into your home. Read More


Top 5 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

I was recently asked to write an article on the benefits of hiring an interior designer, so I sat down and made my list – from budgeting and planning, to resources and contacts, and more, I soon had an informative list of the great benefits an interior designer can offer a client to be. But, of course, my list was from my point of view as a designer. I thought to serve the article the best I would go to my best sources for this topic, those that did hire an interior designer…my clients.  Here is what they had to say were the top 5 benefits of hiring a designer: Read More


Trends of the Year: The Kitchen

What’s really trending?

In the design world it can sometimes be hard to keep up with the latest trends, it change from one magazine article to another and blog posts can be based on personal preference. Are darker hues really the way to go, or are we still loving white on white? Is Greenery still making waves? And are metallics hot or not? Well, with a little help from insider access to wonderful places like Highpoint Market, the opportunity to see and feel the newest fabric releases and some consistent predictions from our favorite design magazines, this designer is here to share the trend that are really trending. Today, we’re going to talk about what kitchens are looking like this year.Read More


Fun Finds and Unique Gifts

Happy Holidays!

The season is off and running! If you’re like me, you have great intentions to be organized, shop early and even find a few creative and unusual gifts.  Here are a few fun finds I’m sharing with you… and the best news is you don’t even have to go near a mall!


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Dog lovers have you seen this? Why not indulge in the latest technology for your four legged family members.  Or give a gift to family and friends.
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Durable Paint -White Walls Without Fear


Hi All,

In my recent home update project I took the plunge and went with a white color for my walls.  Yes white! I know, call me brave or call me not so smart….I was a little hesitant myself.  But thanks to great advances in interior paint products I found a durable paint to use. How durable or what exactly does durable mean?   Read More


Memos From A Soccer Mom-Let’s Talk Laundry

Laundry……Not a glamorous topic of conversation for a designer but a very practical topic of conversation for a soccer mom. 960…..that’s the approximate number of loads of laundry done in our home per year.  Break it down and that’s 80 loads a month, 20 loads a week. That’s a lot of laundry! But with 3 kids who play sports and a husband who coaches, it’s a part of daily life. And I need function and efficiency when it comes to getting the laundry done. Here are my top 4 tips for laundry room design. Read More